Services and Pricing

Novel and Non-Fiction Editing


I offer a variety of sample editing packages. Want your query, synopsis and first three chapters reviewed before sending them off to agents? Curious if a full edit is for you? Have one particular chapter or section that you can’t seem to get right? The below packages are for you.

Querying Package — Bronze $30

I will review your query (and one revision) and the first ten pages of your novel. I ask for a synopsis (of any length) when reviewing the query in order to make sure it accurately reflects the book and starts and stops in the most interesting places. You will receive line-by-line help with the query, and general impressions on the first ten pages, including where I would stop reading and why.

Querying Package — Silver ($60) 30% discount off purchasing separately!

I will review your query (and two revisions) and the first fifteen pages of your novel. I ask for a synopsis (of any length) when reviewing the query in order to make sure it accurately reflects the book and starts and stops in the most interesting places. You will receive line-by-line help with the query and the first fifteen pages. I will edit in text as well as providing general comments on the story in an email.

Querying Package — Gold ($100) 40% discount off purchasing separately!

I will review your query (and two revisions of it) and the first thirty pages of your novel. I will also edit your synopsis and help you devise up to two versions of it (5 pages and 2 pages) to send to agents. We will discuss any structural issues evident from the synopsis itself. The first thirty pages will be line-edited, with discussions on places where I am not hooked by the story, the potential for the story starting in a different place, realistic dialogue, etc.

Sample Edit ($0.02 per word)

I will edit the beginning of your book, up to fifty pages, at a standard rate of $0.02 per word, with a minimum charge of $30 (i.e., 1,500 words). I will include a short critique in addition to in-text edits to mention what I believe is or is not working. If you choose to have me line edit the rest of the manuscript, the payment for the sample edit will be applied to the full edit at the determined line edit rate (see line edit discussion, below). If we agree to a developmental edit, the cost will be deducted from the total at the developmental edit rate.

Partial Developmental Edit ($75 + $0.03 per word)

If you are stuck at a certain place in the story and need help working out a plot hole, I will help with it. I require a synopsis of the whole book, a description of the problem, and the chapter(s) most affected by it. Together, we will brainstorm a solution. I will ask you questions relating to the story, characters, and theme as appropriate to determine the best way to handle the problem. The fee covers all discussions until the kink is sorted and you are ready to write.


Developmental editing is focused on the big picture: do my characters work? Are they multi-dimensional? Do they have arcs? Does the plot work? What aspects are missing or not hitting their full impact?

You will get in-line comments on the above and similar questions, as well as many of the details I point out when line editing, including dialogue, pacing, and rhythm. If I think a whole section needs overhauled, I will not be as thorough, but I will still leave comments on lessons that section will teach you.

In addition, I will provide an edit letter when I return the manuscript to you. This letter details what your plot points are, if they’re working, and if they’re at the right place in the manuscript; a compilation of notes on characters and their arcs, any inconsistencies in characterization, and other issues with individual characters I find; and details regarding any other weak areas of the manuscript as needed (dialogue, pacing, setting, description, show vs tell, etc.). The pricing includes detailed emails brainstorming precise ways to update the manuscript based on my feedback, including brainstorming plot points, places to cut or add, or anything else that will improve the quality of your novel.


$0.03 per word, rounded to the nearest 100 words. After a sample edit, if I think you do not need a full developmental edit, I will let you know and downgrade to an agreed-upon price for a line edit.


This type of service can vary greatly. Using this source for definitions, my work includes “detailed editing for sense” and “checking for consistency.” My main goal is, using the same source’s wording, “to remove any obstacles between the reader and what the author wants to convey.”

I will leave comments on character consistency, major plot holes, pacing, rhythm, word choice, and questions I have. I will complete a consistency check for Oxford commas, names (e.g., are your villains man-eaters, maneaters, or Maneaters), and other find/replace items. While any obvious timeline inconsistencies will be caught with this level of editing, if you would like me to complete a thorough timeline consistency check, please let me know when you contact me, as it will slightly raise the per-word price for editing.


$0.01  to $0.025 per word, rounded to nearest 100 words and then to the nearest full dollar. To be determined by me after sample edit.


Proofreading is the last step before publication of a manuscript. This entails looking for spelling errors, omitted words, typographical mistakes, etc. It does not include style, tone, or any other line editing service.

I offer proofreading to those with a polished novel who are looking to self-publish. If I receive sample pages for this service with more than one error per page, or with a story that doesn’t seem ready for publication, I will recommend a line edit and/or developmental edit instead.

Proofreading a PDF is a good idea once you’ve already had a line edit and proofread as a final step before self-publishing, to ensure the layout works and no typos were missed. This process is much more time-consuming, and the program is not designed to handle numerous changes. If there is an average of more than one change per page in the first five pages, I will recommend receiving a Word document and completing a line edit instead.


$0.0075 per word for Word documents, rounded to nearest 100 words and then to the nearest whole dollar.

$0.015 per word for PDF documents, rounded to the nearest 100 words and then to the nearest whole dollar.

Academic Editing

Academic editing is a different, more extensive process than novel editing. It includes formatting to the specifications of your institution. My expertise is in Turabian, but I am familiar with APA, MLA, and Chicago styles. If necessary, I create tables of contents, use coded headers to fill in the table, update page numbers, create section and page breaks, and format footnotes, in addition to providing line-edit-level work.

With the aim of presenting your argument articulately, my line-edit work is focused on looking for holes in your logic or places where your argument could be improved, as well as examining the flow from one paragraph to another and sentence-level edits including revising for clarity, voice, and flow. Spelling and grammar are perfected.

I am happy to provide formatting-only services in any of the style guides mentioned above. I require any formatting documents and/or templates provided by your university in addition to the paper itself. My formatting-only rate is $60 per hour, with a minimum of one hour billed.


$0.01 to $0.025 per word, rounded to the nearest 100 words and then to the nearest whole dollar, for native English speakers.

$0.015 to $0.03 per word, rounded to the nearest 100 words and then to the nearest whole dollar, for non-native English speakers.

Rate to be determined by me after sample edit. Note that this price includes reading the text and providing line-edit-level comments only.

Formatting the paper, footnotes, and bibliography is charged at a per-hour rate of $60. This process typically takes between one and six hours, depending on the length of the paper and the condition of the formatting upon receipt. I am an expert in Turabian (Chicago) formatting, and well-versed in APA and MLA formats.

Follow-Up Work

With all services, I’m happy to provide brief follow-up work on any questions you have.

For developmental edits, this is all-inclusive on any emails and questions received regarding the document. Follow-up text editing is included for up to 5% of the original word count (i.e., up to 4,000 words if the original document was 80,000 words) if received within two months of completion of the developmental edit. Work received after this time frame or above the maximum included word count is entitled to a 35% discount on developmental editing services, and/or a 20% discount on line editing services.

For line edits and proofreads, I am happy to answer any follow-up questions for approximately two months after work is completed. Follow-up text editing of up to 5% of the original word count and/or up to two hours of work (if related to formatting, find/replace, etc., within a full document) is included in the original invoice if received within two months of the line edit. Work received after this time frame or above the maximum included word count or hours of work is entitled to a 20% discount on line editing services.

Limiting my follow-up work to two months after the original work is completed ensures I remember the thesis of your dissertation or the plotline and characters in your story well enough to complete follow-up work without having to re-read the original document again. Word count and time spent in follow-up editing is cumulative: i.e., re-sending one 1,000-word scene, one 2,500-word scene, and one 500-word scene would reach the 4,000-word limit in follow-up of an 80,000-word novel even if they were all sent a week apart.

Word counts, hours worked, and time frame for completing follow-up work are approximate ranges designed to show what follow-up work is included in an invoice rather than what will automatically incur more charges.

 Reading Preferences

I am open to most concepts, genres, and areas of academic interest. I will, however, turn down a manuscript for a detailed read if the concept is outside my interest or, in the case of academic editing, in a technical field too far outside my expertise.

If your story falls well outside the word count guidelines listed here, please make sure to mention it when you contact me. We will work to build up or pare down your manuscript as necessary (though it should be noted that I don’t always consider it necessary, especially when self-publishing).