• Why is there a range of prices for line editing?

Some manuscripts are easier to edit than others. Manuscripts with a significant number of spelling errors, awkward wording, etc., will take longer than a cleaner manuscript. I will decide the price after completing your sample edit.

  • Do you turn down manuscripts?

Yes. I will turn down any manuscript that I believe needs more work than my expertise provides. I do not read erotica. Additionally, while I am happy to provide developmental and line edits for authors looking for an agent/traditional publisher, I only complete proofreading for self-published manuscripts.

  • How many passes will you give my manuscript?

The fee for any project includes the original, detailed pass, and up to 2 hours of work afterwards to answer any questions regarding changes, or to review small, specific portions of the manuscript. Second passes are completed at a rate of 20% off what would be the quoted fee. (e.g., A first line edit for a specific manuscript costs $0.02/word. A second line edit, having already been improved, would have been $0.012/word, but receives an additional discount of 20%, costing $0.0096/word instead.)

Contact me if you would like to arrange for both a developmental edit and a copy edit from the beginning of work. Discounts apply.

  • I have already received a line-edit from you for this manuscript. Will you proofread before I self-publish?

No. The best way to catch the remaining typos in a manuscript is to have a pair of fresh eyes. I will only proofread manuscripts I did not personally line edit.

  • I have looked over your services and I want to work with you, but don’t know if I can afford it. Can we set up a payment plan?

Yes. While I have a preferred pay structure of half up front and half upon completion, if you are open with me, we can write a different payment plan into our contract.

  • How do I pay you?

I prefer payment be sent through PayPal, using “Pay for goods and services.” Once we’ve established a rate, I send you my email address for payment.

  • I  won’t/can’t use PayPal. Do you accept any other kind of payment?

My less preferred but accepted methods of payment include Venmo and personal check. In the case of checks, I do not start work until the check for the deposit has cleared the bank, which can put your manuscript on hold for up to a week from the date you’ve sent. Checks sent from outside the U.S. incur a flat $15 fee per check.