Published today on Her View from Home!

I’m so happy to share that my first guest blog post is live!

An excerpt is below, but please be sure to click over for the full post!

I followed my Life Plan. Got married young, started a career in my dream field of editing, bought a house, and was soon newly 25 and newly pregnant. I didn’t feel like a mother. I told myself that would change when my child was born.

I held my daughter in my arms at the hospital. She was tiny and beautiful and perfect. We named her Alexis Joy, like we’d planned since before she was conceived.

She didn’t feel like an Alexis. She felt like a blob of unrealized potential.

And I didn’t feel like a mother.

The post is about what it means to be a mother who still has dreams of her own. My Daughter Called Me By My Name and Taught Me an Important Lesson

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