Writer’s Digest Boot Camp

I’ve been really bad at a few things lately, including, but not limited to:

  1. Blogging; and
  2. Writing

So I decided to pick up the Writer’s Digest Boot Camp for two weeks of writing exercises. While I wait for CP feedback and let my newest idea distill like wine, I figured a short challenge would be good for me. And I’ll be posting the results on my blog! Starting July 1st, I’ll post the following:

  1. A break-up letter to writer’s block
  2. A story about “the one that got away.”
  3. A story about a simple act of kindness turned insidious (probably. This is my current interpretation of the prompt)
  4. A story about sending something sensitive to the wrong printer at work
  5. A story about finding graffiti about someone you know
  6. A 26-line poem starting with consecutive letters of the alphabet
  7. A man comes from the future to save character’s life
  8. A real estate agent debates coming clean about a house’s sinister past
  9. An obituary for my favorite fictional character
  10. She gets change for a twenty, and the ten has a list of instructions that must be carried out
  11. A stranger in the dark has a strange request
  12. A letter of resignation to something nontraditional
  13. A tire blows out as the passenger confronts their own breakdown
  14. A story featuring a Ouija board, a search engine, and a self-help book

Bonus entries!

  1. The boat is sinking, but the worst that could happen was last night, not now
  2. A stranger borrows your cell phone and returns it teary-eyed with a heartfelt apology

YAY! Even just writing down and interpreting the prompts has made me excited for this. I hope you all are, too.

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