My Goals for 2015

As 2015 begins, it’s a scary time for me. I really don’t know what life will be like in fifty-two weeks. I don’t know everything that this year holds for me. A trip to Disneyland in March. My daughter’s first birthday. My twenty-seventh birthday. Besides that? No idea. But that’s what my goals are for: to guide me toward the year I want to have.

Without further ado, here are my 2015 Goals:


  • Complete 2015 Devotional (Christmas present from my mom)
  • Read through Bible chronologically


  • Join two freelance editors’ guilds/associations
  • Create a blog post calendar and PLAN
  • Publish 50+ blog entries
  • Query 50 agents for Expiration Date, or until signed
  • Plan and outline next book

Quality of Life

These are pretty high-level goals, meant to be accomplished over an entire year. If I don’t sit down and start reading through my chronological Bible soon, I won’t be able to finish by December 31st. The book I want to query by the end of the year is only on its first draft. These are goals for theย year after all, things that very well could take all of the three hundred and sixty-five days I have to accomplish them. Others are smaller (joining guilds and creating my blog post schedule), but they’re included because they’re important to my vision for the year.

Because they’re big-picture goals, though, I break them down into quarterly and monthly goals as well. Some of them are fairly obvious breakdowns–reading through 31 March entries, for instance. Some of them have different breakdown points: I want to join the editors’ guilds and finalize my blogging calendar by the end of January. I want to have my WIP to my CPs by the end of March. So my goals are adjusted accordingly.

I’m really excited for this year. My “theme” for the year, if you will, is intentionality. (Totally a word, spell-checker. Totally a word.) I want to intentionally expand my freelancing business. I want to be intentional about what I wear and how much (read: little) I shop. I want to be intentional about my health. Even my book challenge for the year has intentionality inherent in it. I have to seek out books based on whether they meet qualifications on my list.

If I can keep it up (last year, I met all but one, so my track record is good), this year should be fantastic. I’m also working on changing small things, like continuing my habit of 3+ glasses of water per day, and a small amount of exercise before bed each night.

What are your goals for 2015? How do you plan to accomplish them?


  1. I’m jealous about Disneyland, and wearing a shirt that I think may have celebrated it’s 27th birthday already. As far as thinking of a “theme” for my year is concerned…

    Maybe I’ll go for flexibility. Anything more specific is like asking a cliff-diver what her plan is a few seconds after she jumped. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Land, avoid the rocks…

    • For various reasons, I haven’t been able to go to Disneyland since 2002, even though my family’s been basically every year since 2006. I am SO excited. And taking a nine-month-old should be fairly awesome, especially one who loves to look at things/people as much as she does.

      Thanks for making me feel young. Twenty-six, working on twenty-seven, is the oldest I’ve ever been. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Flexibility is probably a good theme for where your life is at at the moment. So is landing while avoiding rocks. Best of luck to you this year!

  2. It’s great how you’ve got not only goals, but graphed out the year for them too. Wishing you lots of success w/Expiration Date! Shelved manuscripts totally stink(think I’m almost there too) but looking ahead and being excited for the next book really helps. Happy New Year!

    • I only graph out a quarter and a month at a time, so I can let my plans change slightly as the year goes on, but yes. I’ve been breaking my goals down since 2013 and I find it helps them be a lot more tangible and easier to accomplish.

      Thanks for the well-wishes! Surprisingly, I’m not even sad (anymore) about shelving my manuscript. I know it needs work I don’t want to devote to it when Expiration Date is sitting around ready to be polished. If you do end up getting there, I hope you can feel like it’s the right thing, too.

      Happy New Year!

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