Monthly Goal Check-in

As much as I hate to admit it, 2015 has not been off to a rockin’ start. This is up to and including the fact that my first “monthly goal check-in” is five days late… but at least I didn’t tell you it was coming, so you didn’t know it was five days late until now.

On January 1st (an appropriate time!), I listed my goals for the year. I’ve also broken them down into quarterly and monthly goals. For a variety of reasons, I only do these as they approach, so I have my first quarter goals and my January and February goals, but not my third quarter or September goals.

Here’s how I did in January:

1. Read devotional through 31 January. Complete and on time. I’m not a huge fan of devotionals, but it was a Christmas present from my Mom and I want to honor her at least. Since it’s all of a page a day, it’s an easy goal to accomplish. My biggest gripe is that it’s compiled from multiple authors and they don’t even bother to use the same translation for each new passage. I think in the first 31 days I’ve seen almost every English-language translation there is.

2. Read chronological Bible through 31 January. Complete, but a few days late. Most days I was on track, but the weekend the month ended I fell slightly behind. If you’re Christian and/or curious, I highly recommend picking up a chronological Bible. You see the stories through such a different perspective, and the prophets feel more relevant inside their historical context. The one I use is in the New Living Translation, which is a less old-timey translation as well, so it feels more story-like from the get-go.

3. Join two freelance editors’ guilds/associations. Complete! I am now a member of the Northwest Independent Editors Guild and The Editorial Freelancers Association. (Yes, the lack of apostrophes bothers me.) Both come with ample job opportunities, although (and probably for the best) I’ve yet to get a job I applied for.

4. Contact three seminaries about editing. Two out of three ain’t bad. Some of you know that my main freelance work in the past has come from doctoral dissertations for a local seminary. I’m hoping to expand beyond this one seminary in the future. I sent one cold email (in retrospect probably a bad idea) and contacted one of my editing clients who works at a separate seminary.

5. Create a blog post calendar and use it. Technically complete. However, having the calendar isn’t necessarily aiding me as of yet. It mostly just makes me anxious when posts I planned aren’t ready yet (I’m looking at you, unfinished Taylor Swift series). I’m working on being more efficient with my writing time so this will be less of an issue.

6. Publish 5+ blog entries. Blew this one out of the water and published 10 posts, 8 of them actual blogs.

7. Type and edit WIP through about 3/4 through. Big miss here. I only have about 40 pages complete, and I needed just about 100. I’ll get there, though… eventually.

8. Finish dissertation editing on time. Complete. Sort of. We’ll go with yes, because the “sort of” is a long story.

9. Read three books that qualify for my book-reading challenge. Two out of three is still not bad. Especially considering dissertation editing ended up going on longer than I’d budgeted for. I read “Blood of a Stone” by Jeanne Gassman (full review coming soon!) and “Looking for Alaska” by John Green. Coolest thing about LfA? The characters are my age! That is, they were juniors 10 years ago when the book came out, and so was I. So that was pretty nifty. I also got to share the reading experience with a girl I mentor, who’d already read it.


  1. you are killing it! I love being productive. It helps me get through so much. Even if I have times where I’m simply less productive, I’m grateful to push through and get some work done. Hope you’re feeling better! 🙂

    • Thank you! I am feeling better now, and even managed to work on my WIP this week. Being productive is such a good feeling. 🙂 And you’re absolutely right–some work done is way better than no work done.

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