False Labor and Practicing

I’m currently into my 54th hour of false labor. For those who don’t know–it hurts just as bad as real labor but does nothing to bring birth any closer.

So I’m stuck going it alone, at home, with no good drugs to take the edge off.

And since my blog has been full of pregnancy/book writing comparisons, I figured I would mention the False Labor of the writing world: the practice novel. The one you slave over for years, editing and polishing, before deciding to query. If you decide to query it at all. If you do, queries are sent out, maybe partials are requested, but you never get that offer of rep.

It isn’t fair. Some people sell the first novel they write. Why should others have to go through the whole thing thinking it’s for real but it turns out to be just practice? I don’t know. All I know is that those who have written, queried, and shelved a book don’t regret that work when they sell whatever does become their debut.

Just like every mother I’ve talked to says the whole laboring process is immediately forgotten the moment they are holding their child.

So if you’re on the verge of shelving something, take courage! Your practice is not in vain.


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