I graduated magna cum laude from George Fox University with a degree in writing and literature. Immediately after graduating, I began my career as an editor: for technical resources for an environmental agency. After a year or two on the job, I knew I should have been more specific when I said my dream job was to edit. Since then, I have edited academic dissertations, non-fiction books, and novels, all of which I find engaging. There is nothing like working when you love your work.

I have eight years’ experience in editing, including six years of editing academic dissertations with a 100% pass rate, and four years of editing novels and other non-fiction. See a sample of published books I’ve edited here.

With an uncanny eye for detail, I’m your go-to editor for manuscripts that need a finishing touch. I love finding small details that don’t quite make sense and brainstorming solutions, fixing timeline inconsistencies, and making sure you hook the reader with every sentence you write, whether your work is fiction or academic. I read for sentence flow and have an ear for rhythm and sentence variation. As an author myself, I understand what it takes to craft a manuscript with care, and specialize in what it takes to edit one into perfection. See a sample of my editing style for fiction here.

I live in Portland, Oregon, with my husband and two young children.

Member of the Northwest Independent Editors Guild and The Editorial Freelancers Association.